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I’m an art collector for Ralph Lauren, and this is what I wear to work.

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Welcome to Workwear Wardrobe, where we look at the outfits that women nation-wide are wearing for their jobs. We ask women to track their work clothes over a work-week and break down their style. 

This month, Lauren Engel, a 26-year-old who describes her style as refined bohemian, walks us through her work week. 

HelloGiggles: How do you describe your style? 

Lauren Engel: Full disclosure, I hate this question! Like most women, my style is changing constantly—it’s so hard to pin down a few words to describe the entire scope. I usually gravitate toward loose items that allow for some flexibility. At this moment, I would say that I have a “refined bohemian style.” I love a classic piece, like a good pair of slacks or a khaki trench, but I like to combine that with something a little more playful and spirited, like a fringe jacket or a sequin maxi skirt. I am always shopping for whatever catches my eye, and nothing excites me more than heading to the flea market for some great “lived-in” and funky finds. I try to always have at least one vintage piece on at all times.

HG: What is your day-to-day work like as an art acquisitions manager?

LE: My day-to-day varies. I am constantly here or there, running between my office/studio space, galleries, the framer—and that’s just here in New York! My job requires a lot of travel to different flagship store openings, where I curate all the beautiful pieces you see hanging on the walls when you shop at Ralph Lauren.

HG: How do you put together your workwear outfits?

LE: The first thing I do, even before consulting my work schedule, is check the weather. Us New Yorkers are at mothers nature’s mercy! I do not have the luxury of driving to work or taking a cab every morning. I, like millions of others in this city, rely on public transportation to get me where I am supposed to be. When rain, sleet, or snow is on the forecast, I have to be ready for that. That means carrying a bag big enough to fit a change of shoes. I also plan my outfit around my early morning gym schedule, as I can rarely predict when I will be able to leave work at the end of the day. This also means I plan my outfit the night before and bring my work clothes with me to get ready post sweat-sesh.

HG: Do you have any style icons? 

LE: So many! To me a style icon is more than someone whose style I take personal notes from or want to emulate, like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen and Hailey Bieber. To me, it can be anyone who I think has consistent daring looks, like Cher or Kim Kardashian, even if it’s something I could never, or would never, attempt to wear myself.

The day ahead: In the morning, I spent a few hours in my office/studio, then went to go visit some galleries in the afternoon. I wore my trench this day because the forecast called for rain, and it was definitely pouring!

What Lauren’s wearing: Burberry trench coat, Ralph Lauren turtleneck, a vintage sweater from Ireland, her mother’s vintage fringe suede skirt, Free People socks, Dr. Martens boots, Gucci crossbody bag, hair clip from Amazon, and a New Yorker tote she used as a gym bag.

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