Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Facial mapping for acne.

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The facial beauty of a person is more important than anything. There are certain dark spots which occur on the skin, importantly on the face which gets highlighted very soon. Such dark spots are also known as acnes which is a very common problem in women and now days even men are facing the same issue. People with the acne problems, should get the acne treatment where the facial mapping for the acnes is done and the affected areas are cured with the help of the treatment.

According to various studies, Ayurvedic facial mapping and Chinese facial mapping are the most accurate methods of facial mapping. This process helps in specifying the acne areas very precisely so that the person who is treating is not mislead. The science of face mapping for acnes reveal that there are different causes for acnes appearing on different areas on body. If the acnes appear on your hairline, it can be mainly because of the hair products and the cosmetics which might be not suitable for your skin. The acnes appearing on your T zone which includes your chin, nose and forehead is mainly because of the texture of your skin, that is if you have an oily skin, acnes on your T zone are likely to appear. If you are getting acnes on your cheeks, it’s apparently because of the continuous rubbing on your facial cheek area either with fingers or some pillow etc. The facial mapping for acnes also reveal that the hormonal changes cause the acnes to appear on your jawline. The acnes appear on jawlines in very rare cases and hormonal imbalance is the major cause for it. When the skin cells are dead and you have clogged pores, it actually ruins the character of your skin and makes it unhealthy. This also leads to excessive acnes on your face. When you already have a pimple developing on a certain area of your face, there is a human tendency to touch it again and again so as to ensure how deep it has become. In this case when you touch the already existing pimple, and touch some other area on the face, the fluid present inside the pimple will accumulate in the new area and lead to the formation of the new acne. There are some solutions to this problem where you can fight those bacteria, inflammation and bad fluids. Benzoyl peroxide, Topical Retinoids and Salicylic acids work against these bad fluids and help in reducing pores, reduce excessive oil and also fight against the acne bacteria.

As it goes, prevention is always better than cure. Always try to ensure that you wash your face gently twice or thrice a day to keep your face clean with lukewarm water. Also avoid oily products on skin, and cosmetics which contain high amount of chemicals. If the case remains the same, then it is always better to consult the dermatologist for a better guidance.

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